What Happens When You Die?

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What happens when you die?

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What happens when I die?      What happens when we die?      What happens after you die?
These are all good questions.  Why?  Because one day you WILL die!  You cannot escape death!   

WARNING: This site talks about God. 

Around 150,000 people die every day! 

  Where do they go?  

The Grave? Reincarnation? Heaven? Hell?

There are many beliefs about Life after Death? 
We invite you to consider one!

Where will YOU go?






10 out of 10 die.  If you don't die today, you will still die.  We all die!  But what happens when we die?

When you die your body is cremated or burried in the ground...

But what happens to your soul after death?


Is Death The End?

or is there life after death?


 Are Heaven and Hell real? 

or is there no afterlife?


If there was a Day of Judgment?

Would you be Good ENOUGH for heaven? CLICK HERE



Three things to consider before you die!

No matter who you are, rich or poor, strong or weak, loved or hated - one day you will die! 

(2) When you die, what you believe about life after death, heaven and hell will be put to the final test. 

(3)   If you do not believe in a real hell, but you go there, then its the wrong thing to be wrong about ! ! !


So... where will YOU go when YOU  die?


IF hell is real and IF God judges you by HIS standards when you die,

Will you be innocent or guilty? 

When you pass through death's door, will you go to Heaven or Hell?





Maybe you don't believe in life after death.

Maybe you don't care about what happens when you die?

Maybe you'll end up in hell's lake of fire.


Do you understand what we're tying to say?


You cannot afford to be wrong!


Especially if hell is real and you go there? 


Eternity is forever...it's a long time to be wrong!


What happens when we die?  The moment we die, our beliefs about the after life will finally be put to the test.  But what if you're wrong!  People ask: What happens when you die?  What about the paranormal?  Is there life after death?  Is there a day of judgement?  Is hell real?  What is heaven like?   Please, don't wait till after death to find out.  Now is the time to think about life after death.  We believe there is life after death and there is also hope after death.  We want to show you that there life after death and we want to let you know what happens when we die.  No matter what you've done and no matter who you are, you will die.  Imagine for a moment that you are standing before God on judgment day.  If heaven and hell are real, where will he send you? 

What happens when you die? Do the Good Person Test now.  Please, don't gamble with the eternal destiny of your soul.   Eternity is forever!